About Us

Who Are We?

Ray’s Coins & Currency is here for the benefit of collectors that are after unique and vintage items. Collecting is a passion that is only understood by those who see the cultural and historical value in items. Collectibles and memorabilia are timeless as they hold the memories of events and milestones in our own lives and those before us. We’re here to ensure that those memories and events can be preserved through the collections of those who value them.

We’re Here to Support Your Collection

As a collector, it can be a challenge to find a place that can adequately supply your need for collectibles. Whether you’re into collecting memorabilia from your favorite sports, you’re after unique paper money collectibles, or you’re and avid connoisseur of collectible coins and stamps, our collection is the place to find what you need. As we believe that your library should continuously improve and expand, you can expect our offerings to do the same as we aim to ensure that you have all the collectibles you need.

While we’re based in Canada, we ship to many countries around the world as we don’t believe that geographical location should place any restriction on a passion such as collecting. Check out our stock of collectible coins and stamps and grow your collection today!

Why is collecting so enjoyable and rewarding?

Collecting is an age-old activity that has existed as far back as humans have. There is a simple joy and a level of accomplishment that comes with not only adding items to your collection, but also taking the time to view them alone, or with others. They add a nice touch whether they are centrally located in your home, or they are spread throughout it. Finding a library of interesting items to add to your collection should never be a difficult task, and this is where we come in.

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